In which our intrepid trio take a trip to the woods, ax in hand, while also discovering insidious details about past acquaintances as we discuss two of the more highly praised films of the year. 

Yay/Nay (3:26) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul • Game Night • Daredevil S3 • Making a Murderer S2 • The Spy Who Dumped Me • The Other Side of the Wind • The Kindergarten Teacher • The Hate U Give • Ronnie Coleman: The King • Bridget Jones's Baby • Halloween (1978) • Predator • 

Mandy Review WITH SPOILERS (35:06) This was an informal discussion pre-show but it turned out to be more extensive than planned, so we decided to feature it in the main part of the show. Let us know what you thought of Mandy!

Shirkers Review WITH SPOILERS (1:00:44)


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