In which our intrepid trio are down one since Hermano was captured by pirates and forced to be a pretty little cabin boy. But joining us is Beth Ann Gallagher from to help discuss a film that was restored with the help of Fritzi Kramer from 

Yay/Nay (4:45) Lone Cowboy • Smokey • Just Tony • Making a Murderer S2 • The Old Man And The Gun • Rocky IV • Rocky Balboa • Hotel Artemis • Hunter Killer • Mandy • 

Discussion with Fritzi (30:04) Fritzi Kramer was nice enough to join Tim to talk about her inspiration to start up a crowd-funding campaign to restore a film from 1917. She talked about the experience working with the Library of Congress and other individuals that helped her complete this project. Please give Fritzi a follow on twitter @MoviesSilently and visit her site for other silent film era knowledge. 

Main Review (52:49) 

Close/Outro (1:15:56) 


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