In which our intrepid trio ride into town silently and stare each other down until glorious climax. Joining the three amigos is the harmonica playing soloist himself, Andrew Johnson. Please give Andrew a follow on Twitter @WriterAndrew. 

Yay/Nay (1:02) The Predator • A Simple Favor • White Chicks • Mandy • Castle Rock (Hulu) • It Follows • Darling • Summer 1993 • Hearts Beat Loud • Power of Greyskull • Her • The 39 Steps • 

Andrews Hot Takes (28:27) Andrew tries to convince us that the greatest film Stanley Kubrick ever produced was the last film Stanley Kubrick ever produced. Do you agree?

Main Review WITH SPOILERS (43:15) 

Outro/B-Roll (1:18:14)


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