Second Time Watchers is back! In which we go back to the glory days of Tim's childhood to pay homage to one of the greatest musicals of all time. Full stop. Let's all tear a Nazi flag in half at the same time!

Yay/Nay (2:58) John Wick • BlacKkKlansman • Operation Finale • GLOW (Netflix) • Lover After Love • Ministry of Fear • Blindspotting • Searching • The Way of the Gun • Calibre • Three • Nathan for You S4 • 

Movie Battle Royale (25:32) Platoon v Die Hard • Slumdog Millionaire v Who Framed Roger Rabbit • Office Space v American History X • The Da Vinci Code v Big Fish • Meet the Fockers v Requiem for a Dream • 

Main Review (35:36) 

Outro/B-Roll (1:23:19)


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