In which our intrepid trio return from summer vacation and tell you all about the man in the trees, the naked woman, the elephants, and the lions. Oh my! 


Yay/Nay (8:26) Hotel Transylvania 3 • The Meg • Three Billboards • Dead North • Eighth Grade • LA Confidential • You Were Never Really Here • Possession • A Fantastic Woman • Lean on Pete • Far From Heaven • Leave No Trace • The Rider • Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! • 


Discussion with Patreon Donor Joe Campbell (40:07) Joe was nice enough to donate to our show, the least Tim could do is talk with him. We discussed his passion for film, his film studies, and what he does for his website. Please follow Joe on twitter @FilmIlliterates and visit his website

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Main Review (53:56)

Spoilers (1:21:37)


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