In which our intrepid trio are down to one as a couple of them were caught in a ritualistic ceremony to end all podcasts. However, joining Tim on this journey are 3 amazing guests as noted below if you even care to read these dumb show notes. 

Spider-Man Far From Home review WITH SPOILERS (3:38) Jeanette Ward from and Matthew Stewart of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast joined Tim to discuss the last Phase 3 MCU film. Please give each of these fine people a follow on Twitter @jeanette_y_ward and @SimpleTweeters, respectively. 

Midsommar review WITH SPOILERS (45:31) Dave Giannini from Talk Film Society and A Podcast Directed By joined Tim and Matt to talk about Ari Aster's follow up to Hereditary. Please give Dave a follow at two places: @daveagiannini and @Directedbypod 


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