In which our intrepid trio are down one since Walter and his little dingy decided to risk life and limb for the greater good. However, joining us is our bi-monthly contributor, Mark Hurne. Please follow Mark on twitter @MarkHurne for some serious film schooling! 

Yay/Nay (7:10) Following • The Prestige • Insomnia • Their Finest • Outland • Kong Skull Island • Master of None S1 • Boggy Creek Monster • Until Dawn (PS4) • 

Marks Criterion 101 (32:32) Mark brings up the Barnes & Nobles Criterion sale as well as highlighting some films that may be worth a look: Satyajit Rays films, Brighter Summer Day, Tokyo Story, Late Spring, and Naked. He also brings up Christophers Nolans top 10 Criterion films which can be found here:

Main Review (52:03)

Outro/B-Roll (1:32:37)

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