In which our intrepid trio are down one since Hermano decided to sneak into corporate headquarters to steal the secret documents and we havent heard back in decades! However, joining us is Doug from the Good Time Great Movies Podcast. Please give him a listen and follow the show on twitter @GTGMcast. 

Yay/Nay (3:48) Twin Peaks S3 • The Blackcoats Daughter • Space Jam • Jem and the Holograms • I Am Micheal • Berlin Syndrome • Braveheart • Fargo S3 • Veep S5 • It Comes At Night • The Great War (YouTube) • 

Trailer Hitches (19:38) Happy Death Day • Stronger • Fairfield Follies • 

Main Review (34:29) 

Outro/B-Roll (1:00:25) 

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