In which our intrepid trio are down one since Hermano decided to tackle a subway car all by himself while accidentally hitting the third rail. However, joining us for this episode is Andrew Johnson, who gives us his best Robert Shaw impersonation. Please follow Andrew on twitter @WriterAndrew for all of his hot takes.  

Yay/Nay (4:59) It Comes At Night • Twin Peaks S3 • Eraserhead • John Wick 1 & 2 • Better Call Saul S3 • After Hours • No Way Out • Ghost World • Get Out (WITH SPOILERS!) • 

Andrew's Hot Take (22:53) Andrew's bi-monthly installment features an interesting take on Wonder Woman, female/minority filmmakers, and the state of todays studio movies. 

Main review (38:38) 

Spoilers (56:39) 

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